The homeland of longevity

What factors in life can influence our healthy and longevity? Is climatic zones or race gene? Is diet structure or lifestyle?

The folks & medicine of Zhuang

This series is based on documentary lens language, objective,real, vivid, systematically introduce how Zhuang people use the natural resources...

Fighting Bull Trainers In Dudong

This film displays the conflicts among the fighting bull trainers of three generations during the process of a bullfighting contest...


We are a professional film company devoted to original documentary and movie production. We focus on the reality-based subjects on the social development and changes of contemporary China, and are good at producing documentaries on human geography and ethnic cultures, which record the actual state of life of contemporary Chinese.


Huang Lingping Advisor

As a senior documentary director, he has won many 1st Prizes of domestic documentary competitions, and was awarded the Jury Prize of 2005 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, the Special Jury Award of the Shanghai Television Festival and the Second Prize of “Win Together” Ukraine International Film Festival.

Nong Tianshi Documentary Director

As a senior documentary director and one of the core staff members of the company, he is in charge of the selection, examination and decision of the documentaries of the company. He worked with the International Department of Guangxi TV Station and CCTV for over 10 years. His works won quite a few awards, such as the second prize of the “Courser Award”, a state-level award of China and the China TV Documentary Academy Award, and was nominated by the Sichuan has won many Chinese documentary awards and was nominated by the Sichuan TV Festival and the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival